Windows 7 goes live today

Many people will ask the question “should I buy a computer with Windows 7?”
They will say that it will crash and needless endless patches, that it isn’t compatible with their programmes or with their hardware devices. That there will be a big learning curve etc etc.
If we took this argument, we’d still be using Windows 3.1 or even DOS. Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy typing command lines into black screens, only being able to run one programme at a time, 16 colors, or 256 is easier and more stable to run, and doesn’t slow your computer down as much…WHATEVER!!!

Firstly, Windows 7 is built on the Vista driver model. This means that for hardware, if the driver works for Vista, it should work for Windows 7, and as Vista has been out for two and a half years, there has been plenty of real world testing of these compatibilities.
Secondly, Windows XP has a host of security weaknesses. One of these is that on nearly all PCs, there is no password on the local administrator account. This is an account that can only be seen in safe mode. Although it is easy to add a password, hardly any of my new clients have done this. Another weak feature is that most people running XP are logged into with administrator accounts instead of limited user accounts. This means that malware or attackers who are able to break into that account have administrator privilges, meaning they can do do almost anything to the computer, install more malware, delete system files, format drives etc. With Windows 7 (and Vista) user account control means that users only gain administrator priviliges through a special UAC interface which runs in a more secure mode and only for the instant task it is needed for.
So, I would recommend Windows 7 on your next PC unless you are running very old software or hardware. To test for compatibility, check Microsoft’s Windows 7 upgrade advisor

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  1. noactive Says:

    Windows 7 goes live today .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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