Windows 7 and media center

Good to see that Windows 7 comes shipped with media center built-in in (all versions except starter)
This allows you to view the PC screen on your TV with big buttons and fonts so you can see what you’re doing from the comfort of your sofa. If you ever tried using a wireless mouse to click on small links from 10-15 feet away, you’ll understand the need for big text and buttons. You will need a remote control for the PC. As my PC is in a different room, an Infra red mouse was not an option, as you have to point at the PC or laptop. I hunted around for wifi and bluetooth controllers, and found that some phones can be used as bluetooth remote controls. However, this means buying a bluetooth adaptor for the PC, and you might find you can’t use your phone at the same time as using it as a remote. The best solution I found was the AirMouse application for the iPod touch (or iPhone.) This was very cheap $1.50 (if memory serves) and it works very well.

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