Critical updates due tomorrow for all Windows versions

There are 5 critical updates due to be released tomorrow, but only Windows 2000 is affected by all five. Windows XP by four, Vista by three and Windows 7 by two. I am finding it very hard to keep customers protected if they continue using Windows XP and Internet Explorer. There are a few people who get repeatedly infected by malware. There is only so much that can be done to protect them, as the bad guys use more intelligent techniques, that depend on user interaction, such as intalling some random “antispyware” programme from the web, that they never heard of but get taken in by the video that tells them they have malware. Some people take the approach that users who aren’t IT literate shouldn’t be allowed to have computers, equating it to people who can’t drive being allowed on the roads.
If your PC is part of a botnet (possibly through negligence such as not having an up to date anti virus, or by not doing something about it when you know you are infected), you are allowing it to be used for illegal activities such as fraud, and theft.
There is definitely a case for devices which users cannot easily install random unknown software. Such devices include as the Xbox, the Apple TV, the iPad (where applications have ot be approved by Apple) I am beginning to think PCs should not be sold to the general public, simply because it is getting more and more difficult to keep your PC safe.


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