More people leaving Facebook over privacy concerns

Do you join things because they’re popular and you’re afraid of missing out on something cool?
Well, Facebook is now officially uncool, at least according to Jason Calacanis The list of well known IT pundits leaving Facebook grows, not only the arguably biased bunch at Google such as Matt Cutts (the anti-spam and SEO guru) but more independent people like Leo Laporte and Peter Rojas, two of the leading IT journalists in the states.

Another interesting article shows the emotional blackmail Facebook uses when you try to deactivate your Facebook account

On a slightly different note, although still related to Facebook’s quest for global domination, Zynga, the maker of Mafia Wars and Farmville, may also be leaving Facebook, according to the timeonline, a move that will hurt FB’s revenue stream. This is over their own issues of getting screwed out of a big % of their cut. Joel Brodie writes an interesting article comparing subscriber bases for FB, Zynga, MySpace, etc.

I doubt the mass market will take any interest in any of these issues, blithely stumbling through the maze of techology that envelopes our lives. What % of people who watched terminator would remember what Skynet was all about? I predict that however uncool Facebook becomes to the geeks, the mass market will still be there, sending imaginary glasses of champagne and fake hugs to their 1000+ “friends.”

Personally, I’m not quite ready to take the plunge and deactivate, although I am letting it slide into dormancy, for which Facebook can apparently close my account as it breaches their terms and conditions.


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