Google being hounded on wifi listening – wrong message being learned

Google is currently facing a lawsuit for “eavesdroping” on unsecured wireless networks. It has a global fleet of vehicles that drive around recording the transmissions of wifi networks. The idea behind this is to add the presence of these “nodes” to Google maps. However, the software used has been recording everything broadcast on those networks, and everyone is up in arms about intrusion into their privacy. My take on this is that they should be glad its Google doing it and not criminal gang of fraudsters looking to hijack their online bank account. Perhaps they should be less indignant about it and thank Google for raising the issue so they can protect their networks.

All the attention is on breach of privacy, however, I think this is all wrong. It should be about the idiots who broadcast all their online activity in a plain unencrypted format. All modern wireless routers these days come with encryption built in, and if its not enabled by default, the installation instructions tell you how to enable it.
It seems that some of the idiots who openly broadcast their network activity include members of US congress and the department of homeland security. My mother has better security in place than these numpties, and they should be eating humble pie, not pointing the finger at Google. If you stand on your roof with a louhailer and should out your bank details and credit card number, and someone overhears you, would you sue them? Get a grip, guys.


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