Haroldston Woods – a Pembrokeshire woodlands walk

This is based on the AA walk with a slight detour to visit the Druidstone hotel for refreshments. Starting from the main car park in Broadhaven, walk to the coastguard station and find the path around the back, follow this until you come to a bridge across the stream. Don’t cross the bridge, instead bear right and take the path with the stream to your left. We walked this today, and it was quite wet in places, but it is a pretty mixture of woodland and scrubland. We saw more fungi than you would normally see in Pembrokeshire, which seems quite sparse on fungi than other parts of the UK. Found some Velvet Shank which is an edible species that can be used in stews and soups.

Eventually, if you keep bearing right (ignore a footpath heading left) you come to Haroldston chapel looming ahead of you. Turn right and walk through Haroldston and then turn left to Druidstone. Along the way, gathered some wild Alexanders, which used to be eaten before the widespread cultivation of celery. The stalks look and taste a lot like celery but with a bit more flavour. I actually prefer it.

You come to a poit where you can join the Pembrokeshire coastal path, and walk back to Broadhaven this way, but we carried on to the Druidstone hotel for hot chocolate and coffee cake. If you haven’t been to the Druidstone hotel, it is a must! Adjectives to describe it: bohemian, arty, cosy, rustic, beardy. It has real ale in the bar, and does excellent food, which I believe is all home made. Some of the people you see look like real druids or wizards from Lord of the Rings.

The walk back along the coastal path is general coast path type of walk, quite easy going, some good views over St Brides bay.

For more details of this walk see http://www.theaa.com/walks/broad-haven-and-the-haroldston-woods-420047


One Response to “Haroldston Woods – a Pembrokeshire woodlands walk”

  1. adampembs Says:

    Added the Velvet Shank to some homemade Pumpkin soup it was actually very nice, and more to the point, 24 hours later, neither of us has a stomache upset!

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