XLN Telecom – avoid like the plague

Beware of sharks

Feel bad comparing sharks with this company, they don't deserve it (sharks aren't so bad))

I had a call from XLN telecom, to sell me their phone line services. This was a line rate of £11.99 on a 60 day trial. This sounded quite reasonable and I asked if they did a phone and broadband deal. I was looking to change my existing provider, Newnet, because their bandwidth limit was quite low, at 20GB. So I signed up for their “Total Business Standard” package for £26.95 + Vat. The telesales agent told me the call was being recorded and would form the basis of the contract, no need to sign anything. He then told me the deal came with a free wireless router, free setup and 50GB/month of bandwidth and that it was a 12 month contract. This sounded ideal, so I agreed. He told me they take two months’ payment in advance, which irked a little but I went along with it.

The first sign of a problem was when the ADSL switched from Newnet to XLN Telecom. The following day, You Tube was almost unusable, a 3 minute clip might take 7-8 minutes to watch, with frequent “buffering” ie freezing while it was downloading. I then tried to download something on BitTorrent. It didn’t work at all. When I called XLN Telecom about these issues, I was simply told that these aren’t business services and are either deprioritised or blocked in the case of BitTorrent.

Firstly, I work from home, so I use the PCs for business and home use.

Secondly, I often use You Tube for watching videos on laptop disassembly or software tutorials. I use BitTorrent occasionally for software, where I have genuine serial numbers but where customers have lost or not been provided with a software CD/DVD. I should add that I am opposed to software theft.

Thirdly, how dare XLN Telecom decide how I use the Internet! The phrase “net neutrality” is far too weak to describe this, it is this is censorship pure and simple.

With a broadband service that is crippled, I decided to cancel, and was told there was a £99 cancellation fee, but that this would be waived if I carried on with just their phone services.

Within 2 weeks of going live with them, I receive my first invoice for £119.41! I was shocked, as I was expecting it so be around double the monthly £26.95, i.e about £54. As it was about to be taken from my account, I called my bank and cancelled the direct debit. Upon checking the invoice, I see I have been charged £28.99 setup and £15 for a router. I already had a router and was only taking it as I was told it was free (as is normal for 12 month contracts.) I also checked the paper contract, and see it is for a 24 month contract.

So I called XLN telecom to ask for an explanation. I was told that the errors would be sorted out on my next invoice, but I had to pay this one. I said that was ridiculous, I had no intention of paying an incorrect invoice, and said I wanted a credit note for the items I hadn’t received.

I could continue, but I am now trapped in a 24 month contract with these people, where they have a £99 broadband cancellation fee, which I am still waiting to get a credit for. They have a £199 cancellation fee for their phone services. I would still be billed for setup fee and router, so would cost me over £400 to cancel.

Avoid XLN Telecom like the plague!


4 Responses to “XLN Telecom – avoid like the plague”

  1. Mark - Editor (ISPreview) Says:

    Did you ever get the problem with XLN resolved? Be interested to know.

    • adampembs Says:

      I managed to cancel the ADSL but not the phone service. They agreed to waive the cancellation fees (£199 for the phone, £99 for the ADSL, and £15 for the router) if I kept the phone service. I did this reluctantly, and Im in a 2 year contract, but at least I now have decent broadband (Orange) that isn’t subject to ridiculous packet-shaping/port blocking.

  2. ashley wallace-merrett Says:

    they are no better now! STILL AVOID!!

  3. Dave Says:

    To say XLN are sharks is an understatement.

    XLN Telecom are scammers of the highest order.

    Even now in 2015, after rip off reports and so many appauling reviews across the web somehow they’re still here, with their shady sales team of compulsive liars ripping off small businesses with their crap broadband, hideous contracts and extortionate get out fees.

    All I can say is if you value your business, avoid the XLN Telecom scam at all costs. They don’t care about you or your business, they refuse to understand that a business requires a reliable broadband service, all they care about is bullshitting to keep you sweet until the cooling off period is over so they can blatantly rip you off for as much money as possible when you’re desperate to be rid of their useless broadband..

    I have to say, letting the XLN Telecom scammers sweet talk me into a nightmare broadband and phone contract has been one of the worst mistakes I could have made.

    For gods sake, whatever you do, don’t fall for the XLN TelecoN, because that’s exactly what it is.

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