Bad visa credit card website security questions

bad security questions

Security questions used for website security are generally a terrible idea, as the information is often easy to obtain. The classic example is mother’s maiden name. For famous people, this is easily available on the web, and anyone determined can find this for less famous people. The examples on this form have many poor choices, that are easily found out, favourite niece (I only have one niece), street you grew up on.

What really smacks me about this one, is how restrictive it is. Firstly it’s annoying that I have to use one word for my first car (not my real answer) which would also be an annoyance for “street I grew up on.” I also couldn’t use Paris as my honeymoon location. Secondly, it seems bizarre (and unlikely) that their database cannot store spaces nor punctuation, eg St. David’s Street. A no-brainer rule of passwords is – the more complex the password, the harder for a hacker to crack.


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