UK Internet censorship move by Virgin Media and Talk Talk

Although widely described as being a block on Internet porn, the scope covers a range of material. In the case of Talk Talk, there are 9 adult categories, including self-harming, gambling and suicide sites.

Content in these categories will be blocked by default. This means that Talk Talk will be deciding what is appropriate for you to access. It is possible to opt in to receive this content, however, Talk Talk now have a list of people who could be considered “sordid” or undesirable. If the police want to view this list, we move further towards a Big Brother society.

Make no mistake, I am in favour of protecting children from internet nastiness, but I don’t believe private corporations should decide what is nasty. The job should primarily be that of the parents, or by the government if it is clearly illegal. Parents should be aware of what their children are doing, and if they don’t understand, they need to ask. If you give smartphones and laptops to children and they take them to their bedrooms, or out and about, you will have no idea what they are looking at. They will find ways to get around censorship. A better solution is to give the choice when people sign up with a provider, and to contact existing providers and ask if they want it or not. However, the bigger issue is the relationship between parents and children, and knowing what your children are doing, and who they are talkingĀ  to.


2 Responses to “UK Internet censorship move by Virgin Media and Talk Talk”

  1. Talk Mobile Customer Services Says:

    TalkTalk get so much bad press, but they really do offer one of the most comprehensive services compared to sky or virgin, at a fraction of the price! This just confirms that even more!

  2. adampembs Says:

    Sure, if you see censorship as a service, and it might be of benefit if you have children and you don’t monitor their online activities. Won’t stop cyberbullying or stalking though. Therefore, the answer is for parents to be more involved in what their children are doing, instead of being frightened by technology. I believe we should be lifting people out of ignorance, not pandering to it and dumbing everything down.

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