Vista Black Edition – this is counterfeit, avoid

In the last 48 hours, I have had two customers come to me with computers with Vista “Black Edition.” This is a hacked version of Vista, aimed at gamers and hackers. It is not genuine, is not supported by Microsoft and if you have paid for a copy, you should go back to whoever sold it to you and ask for your money back. There can be problems with Windows Update and this can leave your computer wide open to viruses and other malware. As the software is modified by someone from outside Microsoft, there is always the risk of some dubious third-party code being put in, such as a “backdoor” allowing the computer to be exploited by a remote attack. A genuine licence for Windows 7 only costs around £80, and if you have a product key printed on the computer, you can install a genuine copy of Windows for that key anyway, so there is no reason to go counterfeit. If you have counterfeit Windows installed, give me a call on 01646 602248 to find out how to remove it and install genuine Windows.